Instructor Javascript (Full Time)

: Computer Software
: Information Technology
: Staff / Junior Staff

Responsible for planning, organizing, teaching, monitoring, and assessing student progress in an ongoing basis.


- At least 3+ years of verifiable work experience as developer/programmer (is a plus if experienced in tech industry)
- Experience with SQL and Schema Design, HTML, CSS3, Bootstrap, JQuery and JavaScript Framework (Nodejs, React & React Native) development experience 
- At least 3+ years of any front-end language development  
- High-energy self starter with innovative/creative capabilities 
- Stellar interpersonal skills 
- Have experience in group facilitation or teaching 
- S1 Computer Science Degree or Equivalent 

It would also be great if you have: 
● Git mastery 
● At least 1 years of teaching experience 
● Open source contributions 
● Experience giving conference talks/Seminar 
● Knowledge of the hiring process for developers 

HACTIV8 is a “web development bootcamp” that transforms beginners into full-stack web developers in 16 weeks. We help beginners with little or no technical background to reach a level of proficiency that allows them to get paid and continue learning on the job as junior web developers. We believe anyone can learn to code as long as they fully immerse themselves and follow our three agreements of integrity, kindness and whole self.